Please note: the patch to protect against critical SMBv3-opening-now available


Microsoft announced that, except for the number of the security update for the Windows 10 and the Server, in 1903, and in 1909, the critical vulnerability, CVE-2020-0796 fix it. The one that is in the SMBv3 Protocol, and may be used by remote attackers for subsequent execution of the program code on the vulnerable systems are losing. Administrators should update their systems quickly.

Particularly dangerous, the main difference is that it is not just access to the Internet on the compromised computers. Due to the possibility of the worm spreading across networks, it could be attacked “in a landslide”.

As heise Security has reported a few days ago, there was only one Solution, then the Microsoft, then the BSI is highly recommended. Right now, the Update is KB4551762 is available for Download from the Windows address Book is ready for the Upgrade. When this is enabled, Windows Update, or you (depending on your settings), WSUS, it will be delivered in addition automatically.

Prior to Installation, it is advisable to take a look at the Microsoft support article KB4551762 for you. As always, the company advises you where you want to install prior to installing the Update, the Update of the Cell-of-Service (SSU), or an Update)to avoid any problems.

Full details of the gap, and the provision of Updates, which we have summarized, in a Security Advisory, CVE-2020-0796.

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