Polaris-video card: AMD brings to the RX 590 GME to China

AMD has launched the Radeon RX-590 GME, for the time being, exclusively for the Chinese market and world of middle-class graphics card. The Name is a bit misleading, because the technical data shows that the Radeon RX-590 GME is much more than a decently overclocked Radeon RX-580 (Trial), and an ati Radeon RX-590 (Run) clear, alive and waiting.

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The fact alone, that the Radeon RX is based on 590 GME in the Session-A 20-a-Chip Radeon RX 580, and the Polaris-30 Chip of the Radeon RX-590, it will show you the direction that AMD has been put to use here, The Chinese market has a high demand in the mid-range of the models is supported by both AMD and Nvidia with their new cards. It’s not only the nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 in four different versions for Internet cafes and the Geforce GTX 1050 with 3-year limited falls under this category.

The Polaris a-20-a-Chip are still being produced with 14 nm of torque, the Polaris-30 to GPU, with 12 nm for the higher clock rates. The Radeon RX-590 GME, it has a total 2.304 Shader units and a 256-Bit Interface and 8 GB of GDDR5 memory and the chip of the clock is only 1.257/1.380 MHz, however, differs from that of the Radeon RX-590: in a Time of 1.469/1.545 MHz (base/Boost), which is nothing more nor less than the 1.257/1.340 MHz, the Radeon RX 580.

In terms of Performance, the Radeon RX-590 GME should, therefore, correspond to a slightly overclocked Radeon RX-580, like it is in pretty much all of AMD’s partners. In a first Test, a Chinese hardware site Expreview confirms that: The Radeon RX-590 GME expects a little bit faster than the Geforce GTX 1650 Super (Test), and it is a little bit slower than a Radeon RX-590 – the projection is for approximately a five-per-cent. The Radeon RX-590 GME, therefore, represent a cheaper Alternative to the Radeon RX-5500-XT (Test).

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