Premios TVyNovelas: what will the awards ceremony for the coronavirus?


The producer Eduardo Suárez revealed that the edition number 38 of Premios TVyNovelasmay be closed due to the illness of the coronavirus Covid – 19but, who will attend the awards ceremony?.

Have revealed that Awards TVyNovelas will not be canceled by the coronavirus Covid – 19, will only be more cautious on the big night of awards, so that you may be counted only with the famous guests and not with the participation of the public.

The Awards TVyNovelas will be held the next 28th of march at the Convention Center Mazatlan, so that the producer Eduardo Suarez said during an interview, which has seen resort to necessary measures after the disease from coronavirus-Covid – 19.

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Through the interview the producer Suárez commented that all sides are canceling things for the coronavirus, but mentioned that people do not have to get frightened and expected to soon find a possible cure against the disease Covid-19.

The producer of Premios TVyNovelas, recalled that 10 years ago, lived the same situation with the disease of influenza, as he recalled that there were football matches behind closed doors without the presence of fans, even he did live programs without the presence of the public.

Premios TVyNovelas takes precautionary measures

Eduardo Suárez commented that he hopes that in the next few days does not happen any unforeseen event, but plans to take precautionary measures against the disease from coronavirus, due to the celebration of Awards TVyNovelas, then maybe you do behind closed doors without the public and only invited guests.

In issue 38 of Awards TVyNovelas 2020, the great conductor of the celebration will be in charge of Omar Chaparro, and it is expected that this event will be one of the best, despite the situation of the disease, the coronavirus covid-19.

The disease coronavirus Covid-19 has alarmed the entire world, even have been reported in different media, there are people who are infected, and have thus remained isolated in the hospitals.

Photo: TVyNovelas.