Privacy while web browsing: Bravo, your Browser performs the best


Your Web browser does not transmit, only when the Navigation mode (unwanted) data. image: shutterstock

Forget about the Chrome, and Microsoft the Edge! This is the best web Browser for privacy

British researchers have been studied, such as the popular web Browser to “phone home”. The results might be surprising to some.

What’s the matter?

The Brave Browser, beats the competition hands-down with regard to the protection of your privacy. According to a recent study in the scientific field. Researchers have investigated whether, and how, the six of the most popular Browser on the Web to “phone home”, I is., how many times in your web Browser you will be able to connect to back-end servers.

Which browsers have been tested?

What has been learned?

Scientists have conducted a number of Tests to figure out whether the Browser was able to track down the IP address of the user in the course of time (Control group), and Details about the visits to the site have been announced.

To this end, the data is collected and analysed, submitted to the so-called back-end server, the vendor of the web Browser. And when you Start after a new installation, in the event of a restart (of the browser), and after the Insertion, and then Insert a URL into the address bar.

Finally, the Computer scientists are investigating how the Browser did it, and if it has been “idle”.

They conducted the study?

Responsible for the British computer science Professor, signed Douglas J. Leithin the School of computer science and Statistics, Trinity College, Dublin, republic of Ireland.

What is the Browser that performs the worst?

The edge is available from Microsoft.

A Windows expert says:

“In the first round of the Edge, generates a unique Hardware ID. It’s not going to change, ever, even if you have installed the Browser again. The data sent to it, so it can be used throughout the life cycle of a device map. Even if you don’t, there is nothing to do with the profile of the user, that is, of course, with a smile. Leith notes that Microsoft is using the same ID, which, in principle, of course, in other Applications, and the information that they can connect to you.”


Russia’s popular Yandex web Browser that uses the same method that is open to question. The problem is that the use of identifiers, which are bound to the Hardware device, and in both cases own.

In the case of the Edge to get the web Browser to the ad Server, contact Microsoft, and a plurality of Identifier to return, and to the use of Cookies. Microsoft does not explain this behavior in the Support of, and in writing, that it needs to be shut down and the servers will delete the stop.

If you want to say, with the privacy in the web Browser, seriously, you should probably refrain from on the Edge or Yandex) writes The log to a new report. At any rate, if you want to give it to the Teacher of the Faith.

Also, in your Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers for working with this kind of “handles,” says the study, these numbers will change, however, if you have installed the Browser again.

The only software that I can recommend you the experts completely, it was a Brave Navigator sums it up . It Brendan Eich developed on the former Technical Director and head of Mozilla, and therefore Firefox. The “Fox fire”, and ended up with Google Chrome, and Apple Safari, in the middle of the field, and that, even if the company is doing according to its own information, and so in order to protect the privacy of the User.

What to say to the developers of the commercial?

The experts in the IT security business Sophos anti-virus you have faced up to the Browser vendors and with the results.

Apple did not respond to the request. Also, Yandex has not taken any position. Google did not comment on the findings but pointed to a document with the title: Chrome Privacy White Paper..

A Mozilla spokesperson did not address specific questions but said, simply:

“Firefox will gather some technical data on how users are interacting with your product, but your Browsing History is not part of it. These data are transmitted together with a unique, randomly generated ID. The IP addresses are stored for a short period of time, for security and fraud-detection, and then deleted it. They are being removed from the telemetry data, and is used to correlate the activity of a user in a different browser.”




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