PS5: the GPU of 11 TFLOPS, a 52-protected Areas, and in 1743 MHz


PS5: the GPU of 11 TFLOPS, a 52-protected Areas, and in 1743 MHz, Whimsical notes of a developer

While the Sony is compared to the performance data of PS5 is not yet in the cards, there is a developer on neogaf has is a cryptic note. To all appearances, the developer, and the secret it reveals the entire message, that is, the PS5 will increase in one unit of graphics of 11 Teraflops, The 52-Pa, and a clock speed from 1743 MHz.

PS5: Cryptic notes on performance data

The developers have checked neogaf has the user shared an image of a dove, is said to be that of the PS5-architect, Mark Cerny, in the bird language. The number of posts the user has decrypted the message, the Code that is used in the image information that is contained in the in the meantime, I’m afraid.

Therefore, the amount of “Additionally” in the news, apparently, for a number of Areas (processing Units) on the graph of the drive. Therefore, the PS5 GPU 52 Costs. In addition, there is evidence that a frequency of a clock of the 1743 MHz which is the result of the compilation of the “Coos” on the Block. This results in an estimate of the energy of about 11.6 TFLOPs results for the PS5 graphics unit. More information on the up to 16gb of GDDR6 will be marked for storage with a bandwidth of 512 GB/s.

It is further speculated that the information could not be attributed to the PS5-Dev-Kit, which operates at full capacity. With a potential for Clocking in the 100-to-150-MHz to 12.2 to 12.6 TFLOPs would be more realistic. The information must, of course, be used with extreme caution appreciated that, because the Community had interpreted the instructions incorrectly.

On The Subject Of The: PS5: some of the developments in the story-driven single-player focused experience

While the bulk of Events are cancelled due to the Gas, wait for PlayStation Fans to the announcement of the PS5-a revelation-Event. The Launch of the planning for the Next-Generation console has been pulled out by the Virus already has affected, it is not yet known. According to recent reports, the PS5 should continue to come to the end of the year, and the trade.

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