Rihanna boasts extra pounds it back there! Bikini thread and photo of backs!


12 of march 2020
(14:12 CET)

Rihanna is very clear that the beauty standards are obsolete a long time ago. That is why their companies and beauty your gateway to X Fenty are so profitable and they are so fashionable.

The singer of Barbados know that the beauty of Greek is already a thing of the past and that, with the globalization of the world must accept many beauties different, in fact, in that difference there is beauty.

And yet Rihanna seems to have a body that is considered a great beauty in a multitude of locations, even now that it has gained a few extra pounds is beautiful.

Rihanna swimsuit

Extra pounds

In social networks some accused him of being overweight by these photos with a bikini of yarn in the shown back to back and you can see where have gone those extra pounds that seems to have gotten.

Although you really do not feel anything wrong, something that they have been able to assess his followers, who believe that the natural beauty of Rihanna has nothing to do with your weight.

The proposal of Demi Lovato

It seems that Rihanna also has fans among the famous and Demi Lovato he has spoken of his love for her in the program of Ellen DeGeneres. And it has been quite provocative, practically throwing the dishes of Barbados.

This said Demi Lovato: “Look, I just want to kiss her. Well, also we could do a collaboration together, the kiss maybe we could see it in the video, I don’t know”.