Shigatsu wa Kimi No Uso: Beautiful girl does COSPLAY of Kaori


Shigatsu wa Kimi No Uso it is a popular anime based on the manga of Naoshi Arakawaseries that was produced by A-1 Pictures in 2014 and became an inspiration for many people lovers cosplaywho have recreated the characters as Kaori Miyazono for presumirlo in Instagram.

The cosplay that has caused a stir on Instagram was done by the talented Daijireeon this occasion assumed his version of the protagonist, Kaori Miyazono from the anime Shigatsu wa Kimi No Use, using the clothing with which he met the child pianist Kōsei Arima in a beautiful park.

Kaori Miyazono was brought to the real world by the cosplayer in a way that is simple but charming, as she wore a wig-yellow colour, a make-up that balanced the physical traits of the anime character, just as the peculiar harmonic flute that the protagonist used in the first episodes of Shigatsu wa Kimi No Uso,

The cosplay of Kaori on Instagram

Daijiree presumed to have more than 2 thousand followers in your account of Instagram, wearing all kinds of cosplays in your gallery, by emphasizing quantity of Kaori Miyazono, then recreated one of the scenes in the anime and showed in detail the elements that you included in your characterization.

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In the comments of your followers, mention was made of the adorable that was the cosplay of Daijiree and recalled that the success of Shigatsu wa Kimi No Uso during its publication until the end of 2015, being a short story but touching on the pianist Kōsei Arima, and how the extroverted violinist made a change in his life.