So you choose Disney what movies are premiered in cinemas, and which are in Disney+


In recent years, the advent of streaming platforms to the audiovisual industry has meant that the major studios will be forced to adapt. Given the potential of this new form of exhibition, in the present, all of the Hollywood majors have their own streaming service. Each one carries a different strategy, although it is true that some factors are converted to a common denominator. Disney, size, is perhaps the most representative of the current panorama.

'The lady and the tramp' Disney+

In an extensive report, The Hollywood Reporter have tried to explain these factors. “Disney+ we have the ability to encompass a new range and make a type of film that we had left to do for the film marketexplains Sean Bailey, President of Production for Disney. As well, the dramas and sports comedies family have found a new home. And is that, leaving aside the productions of Marvel, Lucasfilm and Pixar, the House of the Mouse takes you from 2016 without releasing anything that is not a remake of their classic work or any adaptation or re-delivery of franchise success. The last original story was ‘The queen of Katwe’.

In addition, the platform is also giving the possibility to new designers to carry out their projects. “We can bet any card with the filmmakers promising that it would have been more difficult to play when you’re doing a project of 150 million dollars”adds Bailey. This is the case, for example, of Lena Khan (‘Flora and Ulysses’) or Julia Hart (‘Stargirl’). The executive also ensures that the decision of how a premiere of a film taken in the early stages of pre-production. From there, he explains, the process and methodology until the end of the film are the same. “We work just as hard in ‘Togo,’ in ‘Mulan'”, ensures.

'Togo' Disney+

The difference, therefore, are the expectations of the audience and the budget allocated. Bob Iger, the former president of the company, revealed some time ago that obviously were not willing to make productions of $ 100 million for the platform. And although the budget ceiling is a bit ambiguous and there are a few parameters exact, Bailey sets the limits “between 15 million and about 80 million by pulling very high”. So, the biggest budgets are reserved exclusively to films that may generate even more benefits at the box office. For example, from the beginning we studied the feasibility of The ‘lady and the tramp’, which has finally been located in the catalog of Disney+ due to its lack of expectations at the box office in front of the good result he could earn in streaming with a good promotion.

Series vs movies

Another of the determining factors for the success of a project is whether it will take the form of a feature film or series. The case of ‘Star Wars’ is probably the best indication for the study. While the success of ‘The Mandalorian’ and Baby Yoda has become a real phenomenon, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ just managed to collect at the box office domestic the half that ‘Star Wars: Episode VII – The awakening of the force’. “That tells you everything you need to know about how is the situation of the streaming and the cinema in this moment”says Jeff Bock, analyst at box-office. Everything indicates that the face of the new paradigm, people are more willing to pay a small amount to see ‘Star Wars’ in the house to pay for a movie ticket.

“It’s probably a deeper question about the nature of the episodes against the nature of the movies”says Bailey. That’s why, the time factor is also becoming differential. In fact, today it has become more relevant even than the number of subscribers. “The true measure will be the time. What do consumers with their evenings,”explains Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix. It is clear that in recent years the times have changed forever.