The billions-of-Startup-Magic-Leap-is looking for a buyer


Magic Leap is a company that specializes in Head-Mounted Displays, and the technologies of Mixed Reality.

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Augmented Reality Startup The Magic Of Heelshas now collected more than two million dollars for the construction of a Mixed-Reality-glasses”, is concerned, according to the international monetary fund, in a sale or a partial sale. The company, whose major investors are Google and Alibaba recently, he conducted the interviews Facebook and Johnson & Johnson. Talks with Facebook are not, however, to have come so far. Insiders said that, in the event of a sale, the Florida-based company could bring more than ten billion dollars. Also Axel Springer from 2018, one of the investors in Magic Leap.[[[[More The international monetary fund ]

In the The Start-up scene: Eco-friendly cleaning pills to give a boost to an entire industry: they benefit from the Instagram Hype, and with a focus on the retail sector. Now it is a big sum of cash flows, for the first time in one of these Start-ups.[[[[More The Start-up scene]

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In the fight against the Covid-19: a Few hours after the world health organization has reported that the Coronavirus pandemic, said Google the work done by its employees, and Mitareitern in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, and from the house. As of now, the home offfice associated with the advertisement, only for the officials to North America.[[[[More Business Insider]

Amazon fixed up with a new Fund for all employees, including warehouse workers, for up to two weeks ‘ salary, if you are in the quarantine, or the Virus was diagnosed. In addition to this, the US government is currently working with the Silicon Valley, is a co-ordinated response to deal with the Virus: Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter he participated in the conference (some with Video) with the top officials of the government of the united states.[[[[More Techcrunch and The political ]

The Deutsche Telekom the most important step on the road to the merger of its subsidiary IN the usa T-Mobile with the competition Sprint to be taken. The Supervisory authority for public utility services, in California, has given its approval for the merger. Thus, billions of dollars, and the merger of third-and fourth-biggest mobile phone companies in the us, it is going to be the goal. T-Mobile, and Sprint will jointly develop, in any country, the faster 5G network. [[[[More Handelsblatt]

Voluntary or required in-home quarantine due to a corona virus: you might be an unexpected gold mine for the service of the tv to the tv in the next few months, and it was first created. QuibiNBC Universal Life and time Warner media Serves a daily continental breakfast for Max. you want to go to the very top (where the Quibi is currently in a legal dispute over his video, and the technology involved). Additional monthly cost for the streaming services, it is usually a challenge, but it could be at times, a lack of Alternatives, such as closed Restaurants, and concerts were canceled, and an emerging school in the subscriber’s best to accept it.[[[[More CNBC]

We suggest you to read about the start-up of the scene: In the current season of “the lair of the lion” is a Nils Glagau again. He has collected experience enough, but in the meantime, the DHDL-a court reviews the Format is very important.[[[[More The Start-up scene]

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