The brutal legacy (in million of euros) that Juan Carlos I will leave to your children


12 of march 2020
(14:00 CET)

The king Felipe and the Spanish monarchy is not that you are living precisely one of the best moments of its history. And is that, at the margin of the conflict between the king, his wife, as well as the different problems with his sisters the infantas Cristina and Elena, is the king emeritus John Carlos I the putting The Zarzuela in the point of look at.

And all for his fortune. And no, we’re not talking about the yacht (funny name that will put it, perhaps as a premonition), but the amount of millions of euros, which, in theory, has the former head of state.

In this sense, the dance figures is brutal. In theory, taking into account the public accounts of the Home Real, John Carlos should not have anything more than your salary: nearly 300,000 euros per year. A figure as many would like.

Juan Carlos I

The heritage of king Juan Carlos

However, beyond our borders, there are few who can assure that the Bourbon has neither more nor less than a fortune close to 2,000 million euros. A figure that has put on more than one occasion over the table neither more nor less than Forbesone of the most prestigious publications in this regard.

While it is true that in any case it can be shown that this figure is true, is not no secret that Juan Carlos it has been amassing a certain amount of money over the years thanks to his contacts in high places. In this sense, many media say that, for example, received a gift of no less than 200 million euros for his wedding in 1962, as well as various donations from different governments East Medium.

A fortune that, some day, you’ll end up passing on to their children. And there comes the problem taking into account that it is a fortune that is being investigated by the prosecutor’s office of switzerland, which, for the moment, he already speaks of an alleged charge through straw buyers of 100 million euros.