The fatal lie of Ana Obregon on Álex Lequio that unclogs the father sunk


12 of march 2020
(17:36 CET)

Álex Lequio continues his fight against cancer and now totals two years. A couple of weeks ago Ana Obregón was trying to reassure his followers and to the media revealing that it was a simple gastroenteritis and had to be admitted by having the defenses low. On the contrary, the health status of the entrepreneur had worsened, as revealed his father, who ensures that all is well. Alex is a fighter, very optimistic and does not rest in this arduous battle.

Alex and Ana Obregon move this week to Barcelona with the occasion of a new treatment. During the next few months they must stay in the city due to the medical control almost daily. Mother and son will stay in a hotel, probably in the Jordi Cruz, where we were on previous occasions. Presumably the hospital in charge of treating you will be Quirónsalud. Will be in Barcelona until June is expected. If all goes well, it will go up to the stage in Santander, where premiered for the first time Fake Live.

Ana Obregon denies that it has canceled the tour of his new work of theatre. By the time it goes ahead. The work is going to represent in Torrejón de Ardoz but was overruled by the coronavirus, not the state of health of your child. The actress will study the script during these days that remains in Barcelona.

This new innovative treatment that will be submitted Alex has a duration of three months and must be controlled at all times by the doctors, that’s why you should live in Barcelona during this time. Will be treated in the hospital Quirónsalud of Barcelona that already visited in 2018 to get back in the hands of Josep Baselga, former head doctor of the hospital Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center of New York began to treat Alex Lequio nothing more to get to the city, founded in 1995, the Cancer institute IOB, S. L. that, from twelve years ago, is part of one of the floors of the Hospital Quirónsalud Barcelona where they treat more than 3,000 patients annually and perform more than 18,500 consultations in oncology per year.

Social networks call Ana Obregon “a liar” after discovering the whole truth.