The fight (with police included) this daughter of María Teresa Campos


María Teresa Campos in Save me

12 of march 2020
(12:06 CET)

Carmen Borrego returns to be rigorous now. Four has finally issued the much talked about dinner of the daughter of María Teresa Campos with Victor Sandoval. It has taken months to come to light anger, that were a rigorous recording. The program premiered last Wednesday with great success of audience. A 12.1% share of the screen in the small chain of Mediaset, bringing it almost to the minimum to the leadership. Content with being second choice.

According to Victor Sandoval, when issuing his edition, in which it participates, the enemy collaborators, there will be more reasons which leftovers to speak again of the daughter of María Teresa Campos, whether for good or for evil. “I’ve recorded a program, after you say that you are dead and put them green,” said the contributor, who explains that it was not a contest simple. “It was up to the police, I can not say more. We have had a month… things are Going to happen that are going to freak out”.

victor sandovalVictor Sandoval left dormant the bad relationship existing between it and the Fields, especially with the matriarch, who was accused of making a call in order to veto it, to present Mamma mia on the desktop of Telecinco. And it didn’t stop there the thing, because he confessed that he left his position in Day-to-day for that reason.

According to Carmen Borrego, which featured Victor Sandoval is totally false. We still don’t know that will happen in the space due to the secrecy they have to save the recordings, but something very strong has happened in the filming. It is evident that the voltage will be present at all times and may be the contributor to Living the life you recriminara in any of the dinners his words about his mother. Putting more meat on the grill, “Victor Sandoval ensures that I’ve already taken the program, but will charge for other side”.

Victor Sandoval was the first contestant to open the doors of his house, but he was not very happy to see that one of their companions was Carmen Borrego. “I don’t know how you will get the rest of the night, but the moment we started very bad,” he said.

The sister of Terelu not made him any grace. “Do not I could have made with another person? Victor seems a little harmful,” he said.

Borrego asked the partner if he was happy, to which the applicant replied: “I will be happy when you do a job that I like. I’m not Terelu, who asks for everything on tv,” he said in a tone of humor. However, the comment is not liked to the tertuliana: “To Terelu leave it in peace, because out there I’m not going to pass, Victor. It pisses Me off,” he warned.