The LEGO’s and Nintendo get together for a LEGO game and Super Mario


It was implemented in the last few days, and it is, of course, with the LEGO and Nintendo team up for LEGO Super Mario bros. However, this is not a digital game, but with a physical LEGO product line for all of the most famous Italian plumber in the world. Even in 2020, you want to bring up the first Set in the market to be a game, not a classic LEGO product, it’s a movie, but, according to the manufacturers is pretty much the Best of both worlds.

On the other hand, it is not intended to be a series of new LEGO Sets. It also is a component of the interactive to get into the game. Do you want to network, virtually in the virtual world of working with a physical built-in Levels. In addition to this, the gentleman with the cap is to gather coins together and all the obstacles and opponents to ignore it. A Video providing tips on how to practice it is to execute:

As you can see, this is the LEGO Mario is a Power – and a Bluetooth Button on the back, and a small Screen on the front, and it is, apparently, a built-in speaker on the back. In addition to this, the eye, and the mouth of the figure, is provided with a small screen, in order to allow the character some Facial expression. Move the Mario in the game Board. Also, Although it can also be seen in the Video. The rules are not for me, of course, and I’m looking forward to as well.

With the LEGO Super Mario game is the target, it is, of course, first of all, the Children of the fleece, but it is the provision of an interactive, collaborative experience of the game. The more information that you would like to send a step-by-step instructions here for the prices and the dates of publication provided for a specific set of well-known, there are, in fact.