The MacBook pro is a Big one: Apple’s secret plans to betray him


Apple-MacBook pro family-it’s facing far-reaching Changes – and this year, it’s a big step, you can be discussed earlier, but also is expected to update the Hardware.

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Probably the best-informed experts on the Apple Ming-Chi Kuo revealed to us in these days of the secret plans of the new Apple MacBook pro – MacRumors reports.

The basic Design of the MacBooks (click here to see our most recent Test has been revised from four years ago:

Apple’s MacBook pro plans for 2020 and 2021

The mobile computer will have to be reviewed over the next few months, and also this is something that is right. However, after the following line:

  • 2. The quarter of the year 2020: In the Updates to the MacBook and MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air with the new scissor keyboard is close to the end of 2019, most of the 16-inch model of the MacBook Pro’s to be expected. To display the size of a Kuo did not make any response, has said in a previous message to Apple’s plans to replace the MacBook Pro with 13-inch, compared to a model with 14-inch display, and we talked about it. An Upgrade from the 16-inch model, however, Kuo is expecting, according to previous Reports, only 4. The quarter in the year 2020.
  • 4. The quarter of the 2020’s or 1’s. Quarter of 2021: For the first time ever, Apple is going to introduce a MacBook with a particular processor. Kuo, however, did not make the specifications for the model you are going to be the Air or Pro, a completely new form. It has long been speculated about many times before, but right now, the way it seems to be free, to a Mac with an ARM Chip good-bye, Intel.
  • 2. 3. Quarter of 2021: Apple is going to introduce a totally new Design for the MacBook pro. Kuo does not disclose, however, that if the Pro and the Air, or a previously unknown variant of the model will be affected by it. On the Way to the MacBook and MacBook Pro, has been amended for the last time in October of 2016, basically. The MacBook Air received again in October 2018, a major Re-Design.

If the us, Apple is going to make you happy all the time? Exciting it would be to:

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A Brief Summary Of The

In a nutshell: by the end of 2020, in such a way that any MacBook pro will finally get a good keyboard – very, very good. Gripping the Switch is likely to be the processor itself, since all the other Macs that have Intel CPUs in the future that is in question. Even with the Mac Pro you will be able, sooner or later, to renounce, Intel says. It is also interesting that in the new Project. The Problem is: – Informed customers may postpone their buying decision for that reason alone, from now until the middle of 2021.