The new Macbook Pro and Air models, the keyboard comes bundled with a pair of scissors


Apple will soon introduce a new Macbook Pro and Air models. All of you should come up with a pair of scissors, rather than the subject of the errors of the ” Butterfly keyboard on the market.

The new Macbooks Pro and Air series, it should come later in the evening than in the course of the second quarter, with trade and commerce, according to the renowned Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo in a new report. His predictions are considered largely accurate. The new model, Apple will finally ditch the much-maligned, the “Butterfly” keyboard.

The new Macbook Pro and Air laptops that come

With all the changes that were announced in November, the Macbook Pro on the 16th, Apple is set for the first time in years, the controversial “Butterfly” Keyboard Design, but the mechanism of the scissors a mm button travel. As it turned out later, it was the old Magic at the Keyboard from the year 2015, which is considered to be robust and reliable.

The Macbook Pro Is 16. (Image: Apple)

The Macbook Pro Is 16. (Image: Apple)

According to Kuo, the new Keyboard on the other models of the Macbook pro, which Apple is expected to adopt in all of your notes from the old to the Butterfly-it is possible to find. In addition, the Analyst some of the cost savings to the customer, but it is not to be felt, reports Macrumors.

The Macbook Pro with a 14 inch 2. The quarter?

It’s not clear whether Kuo will be considered in the upcoming Macbooks, the reports of the 14-inch-Macbook-Pro-Mini-LED-Display. The all-new model that will replace the 13 zollige the Macbook Pro, it says it is. Only in the fall of 2019 at the latest, Apple had unveiled its 16-inch-Macbook-Pro, and the 15-inch model from the program, it was taken away from her.

More Details from the Analyst call, but one can hope that the next Macbooks will get a processor, and a memory upgrade. The next one is likely to occur, but while waiting for the presentation of the iPhone and the 9-or-2. It is expected that Apple will host at the end of March, an Event which, along with the Budget iPhone, for more product updates, like the new iPad, and the Pros showed they could be.

In addition to the Updates to the classic Macbooks, Kuo believes that the new Macbooks with the usual Apple in the ARM to be returned by a Chip in the fourth quarter of 2020, or, in the first quarter of 2021. Further Details of the Analyst is not named. Kuo, however, it seems to be even more on their analysts ‘ crystal ball and it says that for the first, second or third quarter of 20201 the new Macbook to be Project-designed.

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