The new offering, and Magenta at home-it’s cheaper


The deutsche Telekom has today announced the new features that are well known. Magenta house is the cheapest, at least for a period of time.

That is, instead of 16. March 4. Can the Bay, and to supply the Magenta house, XL with up to 250 Mbit/s, including a flat rate across all German networks, both Fixed and mobile, shall, be paid to the in the first six months of 19.95 Euro, and then permanently for 49,95 euros a month. Thus, the Telekom it reduces the monthly price of only five euros. The cost of the first year for 420 Euros.

The existing customers opting for this Tariff will benefit the telecoms as well. The replacement of the lowest price on the XL, it got here: in The first three months, then the costs of 19,95 Euro, then the XL, it’s also here on a permanent basis, with 49,95€. The cost of the first year: (510 Euros).

As of the end of March, there is also a Package, which consists of mobile and fixed-network contract. Magenta house house L L L L 100 Mbit/s in combination with the Magenta mobile, which contains 10 GB, it will cost 49.95 euro per month. The term of the contract is 24 months, according to deutsche Telekom, with no connection fees.

From 1. April, you are also decreasing the prices for Magenta-home XXL-500 Mbit/s and from 70 Euro to 59.95 Euro for new customers – which is even faster to the Bay to Magenta’s house Giga 1000 Mbit/s, for 79,95 Euros instead of 119 Euros). Even with these prices, at a fixed rate in all of germany, in addition to a surf-tv, Fixed and mobile networks are included.