The new pictures show that the Design of the phones from the Google


More and more of the Details of the next Google, the Pixel 4a, to come into the light. Now, new photos have surfaced that show off the cheap Google phone in a soft Case and the previous rumors were confirmed. Also, over the years has been the price, there are some indications.

Image source: GB – Google-Pixel-3a

To see the Google Pixel, the 4th-new photos

It will probably take until may 2020, even Google has a follow-up to the Pixel 3c (XL) description. But, yeah, I know, there is a lot of information over the phone, with the photos. The new images, according to which the Pixel 4a is a view, in a cloth cover, it will run as well on the suspicion of a Punch-Hole or a camera in the front as well. It is clearly to be seen, to some Fans, and maybe even a lot – and it was placed in the upper left corner.

The Front side of the Pixel in the 4th that looks like this:

The pixels in the 4th, in conjunction with the event. Image: Rozetked.

On the back is a fingerprint scanner, which is enhanced by the fabric cover again, waiting for the pictures from Rozetked, in accordance with the. From the Google Logo in the lower third of the in addition, in the view of the camera man, but, probably, it’s just a magnifying glass on the hidden falls. This is in order to create images up to 12 MP. An LED flash is also available.

Wrapped up in a piece of cloth: The Google Pixel, the 4th:

The more Leaks, we know pretty well how it is to have a View of a Pixel of the 4th ordered. The diagonal line should be the total of 5.81 inches, and the resolution of 2340 x 1080 pixels. Since there is A number of the Google car-in-chief, it is to be expected from the 60-Hz as a refresh rate.

What do we think about the current Google-Pixel-3c (XL), take a look at our Video:

Pixel 4th: Again, it’s just a small battery?

The pixels in the 4th, a battery pack could be installed, and that is the capacity of 3.080 mAh. In a direct comparison with the predecessor, in spite of being a bit of an increase, but it is a big leap forward in looks different. In addition to this, Google’s Pixel is 4, only 2,800 mAh, it is available to him, he had already given in the criticism.

With regard to the further equipment of the pixels in the 4th, as is to be expected from a Snapdragon 730, 6 GB, and working, and 64gb of solid state storage to the one side of it. An extension of the memory is not as good as the previous one, as expected.

Since Google is the developer’s conference, Google I/O this year, because of the rampant Coronavirus has been cancelled, yet, the structure of the Pixel in the 4th (XL), and it will be presented in may. The presentation will take place, therefore, is only active during a live broadcast, without a live studio audience.

The Google Pixel, the 4th, from 399 Euro?

The first Reports of the Pixel in the 4th can start in the country for the same price as its predecessor. In the case of a Twitter proved to be according to the Caschys Blog, in Marketing Materials, for the Pixel 4a, where it says “starting at $399” your talk is about. This would indicate that the phone is sold in Germany for $ 399.