The new Video shows off the LEGO-Super-Mario-lay in on the action



The official twitter Account of the YouTube to Nintendo of Germany, a Video was uploaded that gives the first Time an idea of how the LEGO-Super-Mario-Set the action looks like. To see an interactive game in which the character Mario has the info that displays in the environments in which you previously built with LEGO-stones. For example, you can see how many coins you have collected. According to IGN, it should also be possible to interact with the characters, and the Locations history. John Bennink, who has been involved in as a Digital Project Lead, instrumental in the development of the new LEGO Sets revealed in an Interview with IGN, in addition to the built-in technology. According to Bennink they are located in some of the LEGO bricks Chips that are specialto allow the character to Mario and the other characters of the information to be read. Thus, it could be, for example, that you collect, how much time do you need to get in to a particular platform.

Here you will find the official press release from Nintendo of Germany:

The LEGO ® gaming experience to a whole new Level with The LEGO group, and Nintendo’s partnership

Super Mario is passed on to the world of LEGO bricks – a new product line, LEGO® Super Mario™ will be in 2020

Billund/Munich, 12. In march, in the year 2020. The LEGO group today announced their partnership with Nintendo. The two-for-the-game-innovation, business-related, to understand the brand new LEGO game on the part of their co-operation, interactive, and physical worlds of the play, in which, in a way, and with the popular video game hero Super Mario has to interact with it. By 2020, the new line of products from the LEGO® Super Mario™will be displayed.

With the all-new LEGO® Super Mario™ line of products from the Super Mario world as a never-before experience: Mario is available as an interactive LEGO Mario figure made out of LEGO bricks in the physical for the connection to the tangible world. Similar to the popular video game series is LEGO Mario figure, coins to collect, with the pieces-of-LEGO-on the physical level of the game. Part of the new game, created new challenges, as well as an active, self-constructed levels, and the possibilities of the game. The first warning sign of what can be expected for the large and small Fans over the course of the year is 2020, showing the line of products, as there is in the world of today the LEGO group, and is the developer of a distributed Video player:

“We are absolutely thrilled to bring it to Mario, with the help of our interactive community and for the connection in the physical world,” says Julia Goldin, chief Marketing Officer, executive vice president and ceo of the LEGO group. “The new design will allow thousands of children to work together in a unique way with Mario and play the game with your favorite hero, creative. By Integrating the latest digital technology, LEGO®, Super Mario™, particularly in an interactive and collaborative experience of the game.”

“LEGO products, and how they will help the children to develop their imagination in the game, and I enjoyed it ever has been,” he adds, Takashi Tezuka, is a member of the Executive Council, and the developer of the games on the Nintendo co., Ltd. “The new product that we have developed, in conjunction with the LEGO group, which is a combination of two different types of playing together. The world can be built in game that is completely free and is designed to be played with Mario in the world was created.”

How do you like the concept of the game of LEGO Mario Sets?

Source: Nintendo press release, IGN – news image: © Nintendo