The power of the smart phone market, Google the Partner is not a Smart TV, the Fire TV build up

They are, especially in Germany, is a rarity: a Smart Tv with the Amazon Fire TV’s user interface. The sun is not on Amazon, but on Google, it said in a report on the Protocol, which indicates the Information of the industry. That is, the fabrication of devices with Google Play services and re-sell it, it was not meant to have all of the products with any other versions of the Android operating system has to offer, if permission for it to be lost, for the use of the game.

The job market

  1. The State Capital Of Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany
  2. The Deutsche Bahn AG, Frankfurt

It is Google’s policy, according to the report, it is not only in the Segment of Smart TVs, but also to reach out to a minimum. Anyone who has an Android smartphone and Play for the services, or their Smart TV, Android TV, meanwhile, loses, therefore, the license, and if it sold more than a Smart TV with the Amazon Fire TV. For this reason, Google should have been your Partner also took advantage of the TV and with Amazon’s Smart TV operating system, for the range.

By the summer of 2018, the european Commission fined Google a is worth 4.34 billion euros. The reason for this is that Google’s dominant position in the market, the Android mobile operating system to crash. Among other things, Google tells you that the manufacturers of the devices, while the models of the other Android spin-offs to offer. Android FireOS, and the he tried to with Amazon in the license to other device manufacturers about. They had been getting a lot of interest, but it is always rejected with reference to the contractual restrictions set by Google.

So far, it has not been known which of these is the Google’s rules too apply to Smart TV’s on the market. The european Commission has to be focused on the moment at which the Smartphone market, and other areas that are not covered, in which Google is active.

Google’s approach seems to have been very successful-especially in Germany, and it took a long time for the first of the Smart TVs, the Amazon Fire TV appeared on the surface. In the fall of 2019 at the latest, were presented on the occasion of the Ifa), the TV is Grundig with the Fire TV Edition. Grundig not to sell a device with Google Play services. Since then, it’s not the most in Germany, active manufacturer’s had to offer in this state, the device with the Fire TV Edition. Amazon sold out of the other shape, such as a streaming device, Fire TV-models on the TV, the Fire TV can also be used.

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