The united states to extend the waiver until the middle of may


Against him have been incredibly long, and I don’t think it’s going to be a really better way, and that arms Embargo. Huawei. The Chinese company are only permitted to work under certain conditions, the companies in the U.S., they must apply for a license. The results are in the users of smart phones. The new devices come with no Google services and Apps on the market. It has been said that Google had applied for a permit to Huawei to work, on the other hand, it has long been known, as I have not heard anything. It is different in the case of the us, which could be good-obviously, the Windows for the company.

With the exception of the company, they are valid only for a limited period of time, according to a report from Reuters has said that it is to the Advantage of the Administration’s willingness to extend it again and again. In the new window, time, is, according to the report, as many as 15. Can a 2020 opening. So, when may came, then, Huawei is already a year ago, is on the black list of the united states. Smartphone sold by Huawei in the US, but in addition to the prohibition to continue to work with its partners lost the money is there to be classified as a risk to national security, the internet doesn’t have purchased the components from Huawei.