There is, in brief, the new Ear-phones?: Leaked image: the new macbook pro is just a new Over-Ear headphones? News


Ï Apple leaks the new Icon Over-Ear headphones
Company Analyst is expected to Launch later this year
Ï customers will have the ability to look forward to, possibly using a color picker

Apple leaks images of its new on-ear headphones in iOS Fourteen

The news site 9TO5Mac has found listeners in the testing of the Beta Version of the new iOS-14-Updates of a first Icon of Apple’s supposed new Over-the-Ear-head. For some time now there have been rumors that the iKonzern works, the listeners, for the captain. In accordance with the well-known Apple Analyst, Ming said Chi is Based on the task force-International Securities for two years, Apple’s High-End Over-the-Ear-headphones-with Characteristics similar to those of the AirPods will be produced.

Thus, the new in-ear headphones can seem like

The leaked image of the headphones is an Over-Ear model is shown in two colours, White and Space gray and Black, and Space grey. Guests can look forward to from one image to start with, in the future, more color selection, in the case of Apple earphones, since it is the AirPods, until now, only in White.

9TO5Mac believes that the new Over-Ear headphones are included for some of the functions of the AirPods, such as how to automatically Pause music when the headphones are in your ear to decrease.

Where we were able to come up with the new in-ear headphones on the market?

Ming-Chi Kuo, in a report by the end of January of the year 2020, which is on the Apple, Over-Ear headphones, this might be the year you provided. Also, 9TO5Mac takes it to a phone to Launch in the fall of 2020. The news page is justified on the assumption that you had discovered the picture in an iOS-14 Code in December 2019 at the latest. And ever since the iOS systems, it will be in the habit of always being in the autumn of the year, it expects to 9TO5Mac, the entry into the market of headphones in a similar period of time. On the other hand, this is not right, because Apple have said so far, and any new over-ear headphones.

The new headset, you should to be really in this year, they’re just a brand new product from Apple, many of which will be launched in 2020. Because, in addition to the Over-the-Ear headphones, the Apple will be released in the near future, as well as the new Powerbeats4. In addition to this, Kuo is expected that there should be inm next year on a new Mac.


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