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Mario is going to bounce is also smiling, in the Form of a LEGO in the nursery. Mario is going to bounce is also smiling, in the Form of a LEGO in the nursery.

Also, if you already have a large number of series, such as Star Wars or Harry Potter and the deathly hallows in LEGO Form, it was Mario on the Nintendo, they are not. But it is more so now, after a Teaser a couple of days ago, has now been unveiled with a teaser Trailer, a collection of the Mario license, is it normal for the connection.

Mario meets LEGO's first-Trailer-shown-new-toy-video-game-elements


Mario meets LEGO’s first-Trailer-shown-new-toy-video-game-elements

The toys in the Game

Because, as the first Trailer shows the LEGO Sets with a picture of a game in and of itself. The individual sections can be inserted at the level of the components together, and the result is a course in which you have to Mario to play. All of the Sets are a little different than the normal LEGO bricks, because all of the characters, and the elements tend to be in the form of a block, and it is very large.

More than just plasticThe LEGO Mario, it’s a bit of a technical one. In the same figure Shows the multiple for eyes, ears, mouth, and breast are built-in. Speaker playback Sounds come out from. A einscann the box, most likely due to the technology of Near-Field Communications, or NFC for short, can be the Mario to defeat all the enemies and collect the coins.

Mario will also meet in the Form of a LEGO-enemies, such as the total of the opponent's Gumbaz Mario is also in the Form of a LEGO-enemies, the fungus, the opponent Gumbaz

Toys-Games mixed inTo start the game, the Mario in the Warpröhre, then you must, in accordance with the 60-second Trailer to complete the course and collect as many coins. These numbers can be used, such as Gumbas, Koopas, Bowser Jr. or Yoshi. At the end of the game, just like the typical Banner is waiting for you, of course, is where the collected coins are awarded.

A Different Set OfIn the Trailer, several Sets can be connected together to create a contiguous course at the end. Find out more about the Sets and the figures, it is still not there. Also, when it is at the moment.

The reaction of the Fans

wheel_able“I-I’m not the most incredibly fucking LEGO Mario thing to do, he looked to find out why this is bothering me so much. I think I have it figured out”. He sends you a picture of a creepy smiling and the character of the Mayoras Mask, which is always associated with a Creepypasta, called Ben Drowned) on the connection.

Kirby4604Can we please, please, please, sign in, LEGO, Mario, as a character from the Spin-Off. Thank you.”

Nittomatta“The LED to the eye-of-LEGO-Mario, I remember the last one hard to find, but they are a lot less scary”

You’re going out with a LEGO Mario, the self-constructed Level-of-rejection?