“To which his blessing is always present”


On more than one occasion, the cuban singer of urban music Kim Hidalgo Bridges has used their social networks to demonstrate the great devotion that he feels for the yoruba religion and how much he respects to their deities.

So, just a few hours the member of the grouping Kim and Dany published a video in their stories of Instagram in which he has shared with all his followers one of their latest offerings to one of his saints, header: Oshun.

Kim held in his house a drum dedicated to the Patron saint of Cuba in which there was the altar with the mantle of yellow, and the music of the batá. According to the interpreter of Toxic, is a gift to the Charity of the Copper to comply with it and for that we will never lack his blessing.

“Giving drum to Oshun and complying with it to which his blessing is always present,” commented the reguetonero in the audiovisual.

On other occasions, Kim has also shared his affection towards other divinities orishas. In fact, in the year 2017 the reguetero was crowned with the holy Shango, who represents the justice, the lightning, the thunder and the fire, and which also you have made the actress and cuban dancer Niurka Marcos.

In fact, when it was fulfilled a year of its saint, Kim spent Seven Rays a few words in which he thanked for its prosperity, development, health and professional success, and showed his pride for being your child of religion.

“Today marks another year of being crowned the saint who has protected me, has given me stability, maturity and tranquility. Holy that has given me much more to become the person that I am this day, for that I thank you very much only you and I know for all the things that have past and how many barriers the way we have removed. That’s why, on this day my father I want to let you know publicly that I am proud to be a son of you, the Out Cabiosile Chango and that his blessing and the ashé I never miss,” she said when he did a year of his coronation.