Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are positive for coronavirus


The coronavirus is expanding quickly and is already considered a pandemic. An increasing number of people diagnosed and confirmed by the own Tom Hanks, he and his wife, Rita Wilson, already are part of this group: have a positive coronavirus. It has done know Hanks through their social networks, ensuring that they will remain isolated and under medical supervision and that you will update the information about your health in the next few days.

“Hello, people. Rita and I are here in Australia. We were feeling a bit tired, as if we were cold and some pain in the body. Rita had chills that came and went. Also fevers mild”says Hanks in the publication. To make the things well, as is needed in the world at this time, we conducted a test for detection of coronavirus and found that gave positive, confirms. “Now then, what do we do? The doctors have protocols that must be followed. We will be under observation and isolated during the time that the public health and safety are required (…). We will keep the world updated. ¡Beware!”.

Tom Hanks Rita Wilson

Hanks and Wilson were in Australia for pre-production of the biopic that prepares Warnes Bros. Elvis Presley, in which Hanks will play Tom Parker, the veteran manager of Presley. Warner Bros. was notified that someone in the production had been diagnosed with coronavirus. We have been informed that a member of the company of our feature film of Elvis, which is currently in pre-production in Australia, has given positive COVID-19said Warner in a release. “We are working closely with health agencies australian appropriate to identify and contact any person who may have been in direct contact with that person (…). We are taking precautions to protect all who work on our productions all over the world. The person who tested positive for COVID-19 is currently receiving treatment, he concluded.

The diagnosis of Hanks and Wilson arrived at the same time that the president of the united States, Donald Trump, headed to the country to announce measures against the spread of the virus. Between them, to suspend flights to Europe for 30 days and ask for help to Silicon Valley in order to avoid the expansion. Colin Hanks, the eldest son of Hanks of his previous marriage, was very firm on Twitter after learning of this news.

“So now Trump and the White House are concerned about the dissemination of erroneous information”said in the tweet. This message came just a few hours before her father to share her diagnosis with the world.

Update of the diagnosis

After making public the news, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have received thousands of messages of support and encouragement, and so many others, with questions of how they are. With so many messages, has been the child of both, Chet, who has provided an update of how they are.

“Yes, it is true. My parents have coronavirus”says Chet on the video. “They are both in Australia at the moment because my father was shooting a movie there, but I just got off the phone with them. Both are good, even they are so sick. Not to worry, they are not evil, but they are obviously taking the health precautions necessary. I don’t think that is anything to worry about too much. I very much appreciate the concern of the whole world (…) but I think that everything will turn out fine”.