Unix-Desktop: Gnome-3.36 depend on the Design


The developers of the Gnome project has released Version 3.36 on your Desktop. The Team that has improved lock screen to its surface. This is supposed to be a re-design of its functional, stylish, and easy-to-use. The details and the source of a blog entry for a competent designer, Allan Day supply.

The job market

  1. The Deutsche Bahn AG, Berlin, germany
  2. IDS GmbH, Ettlingen, Germany

An easy, visually, the developers have revised the work surface (Shell) in and of itself. For this reason, most of the dialog boxes that the system has been the best Concept, according to which, in particular, text is easy to read, to go out. The Buttons for turning on and turning Off of the machine, are arranged in a different way, the Computer is more easy to Sleep. The fields of a password on pressing a button, the Text you typed is visible.

It Appears that, with the click of the clock, the notifications, you can now see a do Not disturb button. As long as this checkbox is checked, the hidden Gnome notifications. Desktop extensions to manage a new, separate, Application Extensions, and is not in the software Manager. With the last pause the Download of updates when it detects that the Connections to restrictions on the amount of data, such as a mobile application.

For each of the categories in the settings of the system are rearranged to the developers, so that they are easier to find. The web browser you can view PDFs directly in the browser window. The user interface now follows the so-called Responsive Design, making the web browser better on smaller screens to use. In addition to this, watch, Watches, shines with a new, responsive Design. The music player loads up for the lack of album art automatically from the internet.

Application, Boxes, cases, virtual machines, and provides both a Tutorial and support to boot via EFI. The Setup wizard on the new machine, it also allows you to Set the number of CPUs that you have. The owner of a hybrid system, the Nvidia graphics using the proprietary drivers for your video card, right now you can force the Start of an application is as easy as a click of the mouse, with the use of this graphics card. The most recent innovations, they can also be found on the notice board.

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