Users of the Android operating system and the iPhone is affected-These are the Applications that spy on you with no mercy


When the Installation is complete, the VPN connection should be questions, the User’s Application, and if a Root certificate could be installed on it. As long as the Users assume that, as a result, the function of the Application may be granted, the purpose of this certificate is to only collect anonymous data. Sensor tower is said to have used this data for their own products, all of which have been taken over by different companies and developers in the complaint. In particular, the data on the popularity of Applications, the use of the present and of the profit of the Applications that have been considered.

Meanwhile, in the Tower of the Sensor, even if some of the Apps on your iphone, ipad and Android has a lot of the Store. The others are currently in the process of collapse of the platform. The company also notes that the data does not include passwords, usernames, or other sensitive information. However, you need to use your Smartphone as a safety precaution, remove it, or if you are already on your device.