“When you love someone it is impossible not to give a good hug and show how much you want to”


The musician and producer of cuban Emilio Estefan he has dedicated some beautiful words to the american singer of cuban origin Pitbull in which demonstrates the love he feels and the close relationship with Mr. 305. It has done so through his profile on Instagram next to a photograph in which appear both hugged very friendly in what seems to be a restaurant.

“Even though we’re in a moment where the recommendation is to not hug or shake hands, when you love someone it is impossible not to give a good hug and show how much you want to. So dale, Pitbull love you,” said the artist, alluding to the recommendations to avoid contact with other people who have begun to issue health-care institutions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

To Mister Worldwide and the music mogul not only binds them to an affectionate friendship, but also his love for Cuba and for latinos. Several have been the times that both have shown mutual support and have acknowledged the contribution they have made to the hispanic culture worldwide.

Even, on one occasion, Pitbull brought out tears to both Emilio as his wife Gloria Estefan during a gala that took place in 2018 on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Premio Lo nuestro, and in which the marriage was recognized for his long career.

The interpreter Get ready dedicated a beautiful message of respect and admiration to the hosts of the night in which thanked them for having opened the doors to the people and culture of cuba.

“Thank you for all the doors that opened for all the latinos around the world, the people in cuba and the culture. I want to tell you two many, many thanks, many thanks, and many thanks, again. And as I said Celia, tell the princess (Glory) and the godfather (Emilio) ‘what a ball'”, said during the ceremony.