Why is The Ear of Van Gogh mentions the march 11, on their song “Thursday”?

At times, many fans have wondered why the song “Thursday” of the Spanish band The Ear of Van Gogh it takes that name, if you do not mention the word in the entire song. The song relates to the Thursday, march 11, 2004a black day for Spainsince died 193 people because of a terrorist attack.

Although, the song “Thursday” The Ear of Van Gogh tells the story of a shy girl, who is in love with a young woman whom he met on a train, the song is deeper than just a love story as it tells what happened in a terrorist attack at the metro in Madrid.

On Thursday 11 of March of 2004, four train stations in Madrid exploded because of a terrorist attack caused by Al Qaeda and the Jihadist group, and there are so many signs and references to this attack within the song, The Ear of Van Gogh made in tribute to the victims.

References in “Thursday” the terrorist attack

The whole story happens in a train car, as we can hear the protagonist say phrases like: “Each morning I reject the direct, and I choose this train”, “to have the courage of crossing the wagon”, so that it is clear to us that the players are in a train.

Now, there is a moment in the song of La Oreja de Van Gogh where the music begins to become more intense, raises its volume and reaches the climax, which is just when the characters finally speak.

When it seems that love triumphs, the singer says “A special day this 11th of March, I take the hand and we came to a tunnel that turns off the light”, is there when occurs the explión of the terrorist attack that killed more than 190 people.

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At the end of the song, to make us understand that the protagonist dies because it ends with the phrase “and I will gift, the last breath of my heart”, after the last stanza there is a moment in the melodic, in that it does not sounds letter, just a “moment of silence” in memory of those who died the 11 of March of 2004 in Madrid, after the unfortunate terrorist attack.