X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Jennifer Lawrence has commented on the dead the film!


Jennifer Lawrence, one of the protagonists of the X-Men: Dark Phoenix, commented in an interview with the dead movie…





X-Men: Dark Phoenix it came in the halls of the world and Jennifer Lawrence in an interview, said that his on the death a character of the saga.

Of course, if you don’t have the film, Simon Kinberg, seen consequences stop here because spoilers! During an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC, Jennifer Lawrence was Men with the rest of the cast of X -: Dark Phoenix and has revealed how he responds to precisely this death a lot and even a little early, the advertising of the different video.

To die in the new Chapter of Disney-Fox Mystique is accurate, and the actress said that she cried after it was discovered, but not exactly for the death of the character:

X-Men Dark Phoenix 31

X-Men: Dark Phoenix, a scene with Sophie Turner, and Jessica Chastain

“I shed a few tears, looked Sophie in the scene. His reaction to this death was very emotional, intense. Truly, she was crying, because being a coach on the set, you had the electronic cigarette.”

X-Men: Dark Phoenix starts ten years after X-Men: Apocalypse, and shows the X-Men in a state, and not before, the national hero. The team embarks on a routine mission in space, but the situation falls, and the mutants again, to an intergalactic fight against Jean Grey. The story is based on the arc of the story of the comic is focused on the Phoenix Black. Jean Grey, played by star de game of thrones Sophie Turner, loses control of his powers, sprigionandoli in all of its dangerous power. The team of mutants, including Scott Summers, who is then forced, with Dark Phoenix.