X-Men: Dark Phoenix, the hour of the supereroine. Jennifer Lawrence: “we Are always, we save the people”


On 6. June comes in the room “X-Men: Dark Phoenix“the fourth film of the new saga, directed by: Simon Kinberg and is inspired by one of the cycles most well-known Marvel comic universe. And, at the beginning of the movie, the Raven by Jennifer Lawrence makes it clear how things are: “We are always save, we are women, not men. We should X-Women”.
With the twelfth and last Chapter of the adventures of the Marvel and dedicated to the mutants, we find ourselves in a universe of heroes and heroines, starting with the protagonist of the story, so the Black Phoenix alias Jean Grey, played by the charming and charismatic Sophie TurnerEnglish, at the age of 23, the Sansa Stark from the cult series game of Thrones. And it is mainly with another woman, the must-alien measure, the of the mysterious and dangerous plant forms, the Jessica Chastain.

“It is fantastic that we, you mean these female characters, how, and what Jessica Chastain,” says Sophie Turner. While Jessica Chastain has always been close to the movement #MeeToo measures in Hollywood this greater openness to the protagonists of women. “I don’t give the merit of this new course in the Studios, it would change things a long time ago – claims the actress. The merit of the audience. It has been shown, let’s see, to want movies like Wonder Woman, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, the super heroes of any kind and nationality”. And more: “I like that in Dark Phoenix you the anger and feminine women can’t be shown as caramel line zuccherose. Here we finally see the dark side of women: I hope that many will be identified, in this, views of the many demonstrations for the rights of women, we in the world”.

Solid arizzano with the ladies Michael Fassbender and James Quoted In Their Works“There is a problem in our society, and this problem was reflected, naturally, in the art. It is fantastic that the subject is treated, and I hope that it stops,” says the 40-interpreter in Scotland. Together with you, on the screen, a cast of Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Chastain and Lancia they Tye Sheridan, who noted that in the last year includes, in Ready Player One by Steven Spielberg. All the films with the universe of the X-Men (including the contributions, which sunk on Wolverine and Deadpool) have, to date, almost 3 billion dollars at the box office. Last update: 11:20 © REPRODUCTION RESERVED