Your face is familiar to me: Courtney B. Vance


Always respected within the theatre scene of New York, (yours are the three nominations for the Tony awards, having won in 2013 for ‘Lucky Guy’), Courtney B. Vance was a total unknown to a lot of people before interpreting the lawyer of O. J. Simpson for the amazing ‘American Crime Story’. Since then there have been many producers who have chosen to have the services of the actor in roles of great weight.

Courtney B. Vance

Prior to this, the interpreter was interspersed with various projects in theatre, television and cinema, being a regular invisible in many of the works produced by Hollywood. To celebrate the sixty anniversary of the interpreter, we want to navigate by the race B. Vance during the last three decades since they began to stand out in the theaters american:

Your face is familiar to me: Courtney B. Vance

1 ‘The hunt for red October’

In November 1984, the best Captain of submarines of the Soviet Union violates orders and heads to the united States with his new submarine. Everyone will wonder if you try to defect or start a war. B. Vance got in this film, his first major work on the big screen of the hand-of-Sean Connery and Alec Baldwin.

His character, Ron Jones (technician of sound of Submarines second class), does not stand out too much on the screen and doesn’t have many scenes during the film, but helped him give his first step in the film.

The hunt for red October in eCartelera

2 ‘The adventures of Huck Finn’

“In Missouri, during the 1840s, the young Huck Finn, fearing their father drunk and yearning for adventure, leaves his adoptive family and binds to the slave and fugitive Jim on a journey down the Mississippi river to free states from slavery”.

With this film family B. Vance got one of his first leading roles alongside a young star emerging, the actor Elijah Wood. The film adapted the work of Mark Twain and was distributed by Disney, with 6.5 million budget.

3 ‘Space cowboys’

With the entry of the new millennium, the interpreter got a character in the new film starring and directed by Clint Eastwood. “When a retired engineer Frank Corvin is asked to rescue a satellite that gives you problems, insists that his team-mates equally old accompany you to the space”.

The film was only nominated for the Oscar for best sound editing, but got great acceptance between the public and the critics thanks to its 128 million collected at the box office. B. Vance brought to life to Roger Hines, the young astronaut who accompanies a team of veteran actors.

Space Cowboys in eCartelera

4 ‘Law and Order: Criminal Action’

For 111 episodes, B. Vance had a place within the small screen thanks to his A. D. A. Ron Carver of the series ‘Law and Order: Criminal Action’. But what is most curious is that before this, the actor participated in the original series (‘Law and order’) on two occasions.

First in the first season, with a lesser role and then in the fifth season with a character episodic protagonist.

5 ‘Flashforward’

In the year 2008, the series ‘Lost’ was already going for his fourth season and had forever changed the way they consume the series. Therefore, ABC was trying to create a product that could seduce the fans of the fictional island once this had been fired two seasons later.

With all these expectations came ‘Flashforward’ (even signed to Dominic Monaghan ‘Charlie’ in ‘Lost’), a series that had the event in which all people in the world lost consciousness for two minutes and seventeen seconds, moments in which they could see the future. The series was cancelled after its first season, and a great loss of hearing, leaving the plot without end.

7 ‘American Crime Story’

But it was with the fantastic series orchestrated by Ryan Murphy where B. Vance would get a respected and mentioned character, which earned him a nomination to the awards, Golden Globes and an award at the Emmy’s. This anthology chose to have in their first season, the case of O. J. Simpson who both gave that talk in the media in the decade of the 90’s.

In the show, the artist that gave life to the lawyer who fought to the end to defend the interests of the former player of american football.

8 ‘The mummy’

In 2017, Universal gave the step to restart the saga of ‘The mummy’ after three movies starred by Brendan Fraser. To do this, we chose to hire the action hero who has managed to enhance several franchises, Tom Cruise.

In the tape, B. Vance brought to life to the colonel Greenway, the top of the characters of Cruise and Jake Johnson. Unfortunately, the title didn’t work as expected, and plans to continue the story with several sequels were in the pipeline.

The mummy in eCartelera

9 ‘The return of Ben’

In 2018, the actor was joined by Julia Roberts and Lucas Hedges in the tape ‘The return of Ben’, giving life to the husband of the actress and the father of the actor.

In the film, is the drama of a family that has to deal with the mental problems and drug addiction is the eldest son of the marriage. This indie film got a good reception from critics and served to meet up again with the best Roberts.

The return of Ben in eCartelera

10 ‘Genius’

Finally, the interpreter has joined the series ‘Genius’, which is the life of a well-known personality in each new season.

After discussing the life of Einstein and Picasso in the first two seasons, will be Aretha Franklin the character as portrayed in the new episodes. In it, B. Vance will play C. L. Franklin, the father of the singer and civil rights activist.

Future projects

With their status renewed after his participation in the series of Ryan Murphy, B. Vance has several projects in television and film for the next two years. The actor debut alongside Mary-Louise Parker TV-Movie ‘Compliance’, a comedy about an official of the Securities and exchange Commission of the united States that tries to keep abreast of the movements on Wall Street of a large firm. Also a premiere of the series ‘Lovecraft Country’, created by Jordan Peele, about a young african-american traveling the united States in the 1950s in search of her missing father. On the other hand, B. Vance will coincide with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Jamie Foxx in a tape Sci-Fi-yet-untitled and directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman.