A shareholder of Disney complained of the contents of LGBT. This was the response of president


On the 25th of February ended an era in Disney. The ceo of the company during the past 15 years, Bob Iger, he ceded his post to Bob Chapek, who has already taken the reins. During an annual meeting with shareholders of the company, Chapek did not hesitate to refute one of the attendees when he said that the contents of LGBT was affecting Disney.

Bob Iger Bob Chapek Disney

According to reports Brooks Barnes, a journalist of New York Times, at the annual meeting of Disney, a shareholder complained that the contents of LGBT in movies, television series and other media Disney was harming the company’s results. “The stock price has dropped 20% as a result”, said the shareholder. Before this statement, Chapek answered firmly:Might have more to do with the coronavirus, and the global pandemic we face.

Since Iger has acquired the rights to Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm, these companies have tried to include characters and content LGBT to their projects. Lucasfilm, producer of the saga ‘Star Wars’, included in ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ the first kiss gay of the franchise. Pixar, for its part, has included in ‘Onward’, their latest release, a character openly gay, thus becoming the first tape of the company associated with Disney in it. This has led to censorship in some countries such as Russia. Also the president of Marvel, Kevin Present, confirmed that ‘Eternals’ will have a superhero openly gay “married with family”.

Bad figures

The measures taken by the coronavirus are affecting in all areas. After the limitation of the seating in the theaters, some films are not getting the results they hoped for. An example of this is ‘Onward’, which has had one of the premieres weaker of Pixar at the box office of the united States and also in Spainpositioning as the second worst premiere of Pixar in our country.

Chapek’s not going to have anything easy in this new stage as CEO of Disney, but regardless of the results in lockers, it is clear that the success or failure of the projects have nothing to do with the contents of LGBT.