a show that helps children to recognize, fake news


Angelina Jolie is the Executive producer of the educational program of the BBC My World, broadcast on the British railway, the of Sunday, 26. January.

Angelina Jolie is called the Executive producer of a new program for children BBC-My World.

The actress, who in collaboration with the British rail and Microsoft Education, to recognize young viewers want all the instruments to fake news and offering disclosure. With BBC My World, children and young people from the age of 13 years old can find out how and why they arise false questions messages in the media an opinion on important international.

In a press release, Variety reported that Jolie has expressed satisfaction in the cooperation on the project:

As a mother, are very happy to give my support to a program that is designed to help the children to become better acquainted with the lives of other young people from all over the world and in contact with others. I hope that in this way the little one will be able the necessary information and tools you need in order to make a difference on the issues that concern them, from the network of journalists and multi-lingual service of the BBC World Service.

BBC-My World aired on the British TV every Sunday morning starting at 26. Broadcast of BBC World News, the channel in the network, and available in 42 different languages is made. You can also see, via YouTube, and in the United Kingdom on BBC iPlayer.

The manufacturers hope that the guys do the program to distinguish a useful tool, the quality of news and information where you will encounter surfing the internet.

In this context, Jamie Angus, Director of the BBC World Service Group, said:

Young people need the closure of loopholes in the law, and we want to distinguish that they are in possession of the instruments, what is true and what is not. You will need to begin to process critically the information they receive. The goal of My BBC World is for you to have these abilities cultivate, not only for personal development, but also for the future of democracy in the world. BBC World Service offers a global perspective on the issues and news discussed.

The program of well-known faces on British television, including Radzi chinyang Anya, current host of BBC sports and the economy, Iqbal, participate in the program ” The Big Debate presents on the BBC Asian Network.

In one of the episodes of the show, chinyang Anya the theme of the manipulation of videos to treat, while in another Iqbal takes care of environmental problems in the Amazon rain forest, the consequences of the deforestation of forests and the dangers of the extraction of oil and minerals.

Each episode lasts 30 minutes, so it is a true lesson for your young viewers so much that, after the broadcast, Microsoft Education, the didactic materials of the lectures for the deepening of the topics in complete autonomy.

What do you think the new project of Angelina Jolie?