Aldi Nord and Aldi Sud, is to unify around a thousand of the product


The Germans in the North and the South have the same taste? The previously strictly separated, Discounter chains, Aldi Nord, Aldi Sud, to believe clearly, and to normalize the range of their products.

By the end of the year, with the cheapest suppliers they want to meet about 100 in-house brands with over 1000 products, which had previously been offered by the sister companies under different brand names and some with different recipes. This is evident from the statement of the two companies.

By the end of the year 2020, the majority of own-brand products in the standard range and the action must be the same,” he said. Aldi-Nord-Manager of the First Heinbockel said that, in the future, uniforms, packaging, marketing and joint action to bring about Aldi’s and the cost advantages. This will give the Discounter to the client.

The new packaging and new formulations

As before, it should be set according to the communication, but it also has a number of items in the array are only one of the companies associated in the bid. This is particularly true for regional products. In spite of the growing number of brands of the items on the shelves of Aldi’s product range consists, as before, 90 per cent of the marks.

Aldi Sud, a Manager at Simon’s, I was holding on to it is quoted with the words: “In the case of some products, it may be that only the packaging will be redesigned. In other segments, we have designed a complete new brand identity, new varieties, and, in part, to a formulation of optimal use.”

For both Discounter chains are now in a very difficult situation. The Regular super-market, and the market have been grown, according to some researchers, the more of a discount. The Aldi Nord group is also a multi-billion dollar brand name that has been overshadowed by the scheduled tribes in the project by the middle of the ongoing dispute between the rebellious one in the Family.

Also, in the dispute about the taxes, it’s the fact that it is co-determined price for milk, the chains are reported on a settlement agreement. For the next six months, you may have made a deal, he was told that Aldi Sud. The purchase price for the fresh milk, long-life, rounds, spent, in spite of the recent significant decline in world market prices above the level of the last trading, according to the Manager, Christoph Schwaiger. “We’re paying more than we should accept that it would be according to the situation of the market.”

Peasant protest in front of the store, the store Aldi-Central

The deal follows a massive protest of farmers, in advance, to the Aldi’s to be accused of wanting the price to be pressed firmly in place. In North Rhine-Westphalia) – hundreds of farmers with their tractors, demonstrated a few days ago, in front of the Aldi’s store that is Central to the move to the discounts on the concessions.

Aldi announced that the company had entered into an agreement with a current price of milk in the negotiations, regardless of the negative performance of the Market is to a degree a reflection of the high standards of quality in the German dairy industry. Aldi-Nord:-the Manager of the Schwaiger said: “We’re going to assume that a reasonable portion received by farmers, and not on the entire value chain of the industry, from the dairy, it is moved to the left.”

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