Amanda Miguel called afflicted to sick with Coronavirus


The talented singer of ballads, argentina Amanda Miguel is in the eye of the hurricane, and that during his arrival at the airport of the Mexico city along with her daughter Ana Victoria was interviewed by different media of the country about their opinion of the newly declared Pandemic Virus emerged in Wuhan, China: Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Amanda Miguel declared the rapid spread of the virus in almost all countries of the world, calling it “afflicted” to the more than 10,000 people infected with hiv in the world.

“You must have great faith, vitaminarse, wash a lot of hands, and have a lot of faith above all and entrust you to please do not get just a plague to give you a hand or want to give you a kiss”.

His statements caused a tremendous stir moments after you published the interview, as the followers commented that it was in bad taste that a public figure, to speak so disparagingly about health topics, in addition to was designated to discriminate for no reason and give a bad example to the new generations.

Later, the attacks of netizens to the singer, is released a video on his social networks where he apologized publicly about his words, accepting that it was not the best way of referring to people with an very dangerous virus.

Amanda Miguel and Diego Verdaguer with all-in-2020

The couple of singers argentine announced a tour throughout the united States, where you will be able to listen to their most famous classics.

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The so-called “kings of the romantic genre” enjoys great fame in Latin America, presented its new proposal for a concert “à la carte” and can travel in a first phase six cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, or Las Vegas, among other points.