Andrea Janeiro ¡isolated! “This has happened”. Last time was devastating that arrives to Spain


12 of march 2020
(12:38 CET)

More than 2,000 cases in Spain. The citizens are very concerned about the growth of this number, as also of their deaths, luckily infinitely less. But it is not the only country affected by the coronavirus. The more worrying Italy. This bacteria is already all around and the WHO has declared it as a pandemic.

All of the measures that can be taken are a few to avoid most infections. The short-term mission is to curb the number of people affected. Spain has already been released would be canceling all kinds of public events. Football matches behind closed doors, programs without public, concerts and theatres cancelled, schools and universities closed and try to leave as little as possible to the street.

The last to get serious have been the Uk, where he is living with his partner Andrea de Janeiro. Belen Esteban is very worried for her, as well as by her husband Miguel Marcos, who is ambulance driver. Currently in england there is not a huge concern. At the moment there are only 459 cases and only 8 deaths.

a man on the bus london

Drastic measures in the United Kingdom

As in other countries, the United Kingdom prefer to prevent than to cure. They are prepared for what may come. Among the measures already approved include the reactivation of doctors already retired to be able to give services to all over the world, the intervention of the army to ensure supplies of food and medicines and provide basic services, order to the police as a paper priority the maintenance of public order, cancel all the interventions of hospital admissions that are not urgent in order to free up beds, close schools, prohibit visits to nursing homes, treat the sick, mild in their homes, to help economically to small businesses that have problems cash, suspend events attracting large crowds and change the legislation in force so that it can be buried more quickly to the dead.

The british have been put in the worst scenarios possible, where 80% of the population would be affected and he would die more than half a million people. In that case the measures would be much more drastic, as the suspension of public transport, including the London underground, the closure of entire cities where there is a particular virulence to the style of what has made China, and the establishment of a morgue giant in Hyde Park, as revealed by the press.