Angie Flores of The Academy demonstrates his IMPRESSIVE talent on Instagram


Angie Flowers, who won the second place of The Academy 2019rose to your account Instagram a video that appears to show an impressive and mysterious talent with a lot of flow, on the afternoon of 12 march, where it showed that not only knows how to sing, but also has a lot of talent for urban dance.

As if it were a Tik Tok, Angie Flowers showed in his account of Instagram a series of steps of the dance that they surprised all their followers, as the singer graduated from The Academy taught the rhythm you have to dance with a very street.

“Here practicing not to lose the habit✌one of my other passions”, public, Angie Flowers in your account of Instagram.

The video of Angie Flores received thousands of likes on the part of his followers, who did not hesitate to leave comments acknowledging that he has a lot of talent both for singing and for dancing.

“Hello Angie God bless you always I want to tell you k I am your fan of you and Carlos I love you”, “we need an account of tik tok” were some comments received.

Angie Flowers “the queen without a crown”

Angie Flores has been ranked by his followers as a queen without a crown, because for the vast majority of the public she was the uncontested winner of The Academy, however he had to settle with second place, as Dalú was the one who won the first place of that reality show, taking home the prize of a million pesos.

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Despite having won only the second place, Angie Flores has defeated in the amount of followers to Dalú, with a total of 355 thousand followers, while Dalú has 295 thousand, of showing that the native of Honduras has stole the hearts of the public.