Apple’s limited testing capabilities, the Apple Watch, and the AirPods ⊂·⊃


In addition to this, the customers of the Apple store more and more, the impact of Coronaviruses and feel. The spread of the Virus to contain it, the company now has, according to reports in the media that his team doesn’t have to tell you, the Apple Watch and the AirPods do not admit a Test for the users, unless you explicitly call for it.

The Coronavirus is a growing impact on the mobile industry. After that, Apple has been forced to close by the beginning of February, the stores and offices in China, even if only temporarily, and the Live performance of the iPhone and the 9 terminated, take the US-technology-companies now have an additional counter-measures against the dissemination of the COVID-19. Therefore, the users can try out immediately in Apple Stores, just Apple Watch, and the AirPods limited.

In fact, it is the customers in the Apple Stores to test out the different housing sizes, and the straps of the Apple Watch before buying it is to apply the technology to a manufacturer’s Smartwatch, however, has often been described as the “most personal device ever.” But now, with the detailed Testing only once in the past. In order to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus among the customer and for the employees, or to individuals not employed in to apply for this Service, according to the Business Insider, out now. Smartwatches may only be issued to customers if they specifically ask for it.

A delivery device for testing, the only on-demand

Also, since the installation of the In-your-Ear-speakers-with some of the in contact with the body, and the recommendation is for the delivery of the test samples of the AirPods (Pro). The general Aushändigungs restriction is not enforced by Apple, yet.

According to Business Insider, the number of cleaners has been increased in the stores. This will be dependent on, in addition to the standard of the cleaning of the floors, and the bathrooms are also frequently touched items such as door or Spintfächer the team at various times of the day to clean it up.

The installation of the Handddesinfektionsstationen

Among other things, that the company is bringing to the US the technology used for the containment of Coronavirus, the Installation of hand sanitizer stations in their own businesses. The officials of the company said to Business Insider, Apple will charge for its employees to not come in case of sickness, to work and to postpone pleasure trips.

The company is offering to their employees to work from home if their Job allowed it. According to 9to5Mac the rate of the strength of the base, there will be a continuation of the payment of wages and salaries, so that they could be as a result of an infection by a coronavirus ill.

Apple to close retail stores in Italy

A report from Bloomberg, Apple has now closed all of its 17 stores in the world. The country is currently the most affected by the Coronavirus.

When the Stores re-open it, it is not possible to say at this time. You should look at the Situation, ” said Apple in a yesterday’s Statement.