As well, many of you have played it already on the first day!!!


More recently, the Free-to-Play mode has been Call of Duty: black the developer has announced. NowGame“published on the first day extremely successful.

What happens in a situation when you have to play one of the best-selling video series is the most elegant of the Genre? Of course, to be a success. Because of this, it is what it is “Call of Duty: black ops Game“after 24 hours.

Call of Duty-Modern Warfare Games

“Call of Duty” On all platforms, it is free for you to enjoy.

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It’s A simple formula. The The Battle Royal Mode you can free of charge on every platform that you downloaded. The owner of the present “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare“you get a few bonuses, such as cosmetic, but if you do you should also be able to “Game” without spending the to enjoy. The type of the game, “PUBG”, and “Fortnite“the well-known and popular, and fit in very well to the Shooter Franchise.

Eternal Damnation Games

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The one could also think of the Fans. A total of six million people they were counted on the first day of its Release. A considerable sum for a new game, which will surely increase in the future.