Attention! If you eat red meat you are exposed to contracting this disease. And that is fatal!


red meat

12 of march 2020
(12:39 CET)

The World Health Organization was sentenced to the red meat with a study in 2015, warning that it was “probably carcinogenic to humans” and since then our consumption has dropped considerably.

In fact, it seems that in the last decade we have reduced their intake in excess of 4 kilograms per personsomething that makes it clear that we are concerned about truth for our health.

But, what actually we can cause the red meat?

red meat


This is the main disease and in addition it seems that there is evidence that make us think that there may be a relationship more or less direct between the red meat that we consume and our risk of cancer. Therefore, it is better to be aware with our quantities that we ingest.

As always, we recommend moderation and avoid the excesses.

Heart problems

The high consumption of red meat can lead to heart disease. However, there are contradictory reports about it. One conducted in Sweden concluded that the risk increased in 1,28 times if the consumption was greater than 75 grams.

In exchange, Purdue University in West Lafayette (EE. UU.) reported that eating 85 grams of red meat three times per week had no influence on heart disease.


It is a disease which inflammation of the walls of the colon so that it can generate complications that can be serious for our health. A study from the journal Gut warned that the probability of having it was higher among those who ate high amounts of red meat.