Attention! If you have purchased these vegetables at the grocery store oh you’re in danger!



March 13, 2020
(14:24 CET)

The Spanish Agency of Food Safety and Nutrition (AESAN) has announced that there is the presence of an allergen (mustard) which is not indicated on the labelling of roasted vegetables for the brand ARDO, the name of the product is Roast Supreme. And this allergen is in bags of 1.5 kg and with date of expiration of the 03/2020 until the 02/2020.

This news is of vital importance to take it into account in these days of massive purchases that we are living due to the pandemic caused by the COVID-19.

roast supreme

The Alert network of European Food (RASFF) it is notified as an alert to the AESAN after that inform the health authorities of the Netherlands.

In Spain, its distribution has been primarily in the Autonomous community of Navarrewhere to watch among consumers who are allergic to mustard to avoid consumption.

The rest of the people are not at risk, even so the product will be deleted from the supermarkets.

A large number of allergy sufferers

The number of allergic reactions to food in Spain is close to two million people, so it is important to take into account what you are consuming.

A food allergy may be generated due to the generic, the frequency of consumption of the same or the time of its introduction so that it is important to know these allergies can have different types of reactions and it is better to prevent them.

Itching, ronches, cough, difficulty breathing…any of these symptoms may suggest a joy of food, so if within the first two hours of consuming a food or touch it you have any of these symptoms, do not hesitate to get in touch with a specialist.