Belén Esteban reported by this companion of Save me why do this!


12 of march 2020
(13:12 CET)

Belén Esteban is happy because it has managed to close a very important chapter of your life. After we know that Toño Sanchís was misleading her decided to take revenge and get what belongs to him. To do this it put hands to the work with lawyers and many lawsuits. Has been slow to arrive on the day, but finally has given effect to the output of the exrepresentante of which is now the home of Belén Esteban. This happened last march 5. This week has given several exclusive to monetize even more of your new property. With that money, ensures that you will pay for the reforms.

belen esteban and angela porterThere are many who have criticized Belén Esteban and much more, now that she herself has commented that it will make the million euros that he owes. So now they rejoice to know a judgment that harms them. You could apply the proverb “an eye for an Eye, a tooth for a tooth” or “a lime, another of sand”.

To understand this better, we must place ourselves in 2015, when Belén Esteban participated in the GH VIP 3 and won. As well as the chain, who scored a few hearings suave. The tertuliana has given many great moments that are still circulating on social networks in the form of a meme. The Paracuellos was also a tense fighting, especially with his partner Angela Portillo. Both starred in monumental rows where they are missing the respect.

The journalist took legal action and decided to report it. After five years he has held the judgment based on the complaint lodged by the galician as a result of the unfounded accusations and prejudicial, menosprecios discharges against their honor.

Belén Esteban ensures that asked him to apologize for that. HoweverAngela says that he did not do so in a personal and private. After GH VIP Angela disappeared from the universe Mediaset. It was then when alarm bells of a possible veto by Belén Esteban, who has always had a lot of power in the chain.

A censorship which, from the law firm that hired Angela to ensure that “it is well-known for other people of the world of the heart as Kiko Matamoros, Antonio Sanchís, Carmen Lomana or Oblivion Hormigos”.

After being “profoundly affected” in the professional field and staff, on Tuesday 10 march 2020 was held at the Court no. 3 of first instance of Pozuelo de Alarcón in the lawsuit which sought to ensure in favor of the honor and privacy of the information subject to the which also came in the form of a witness, Aguasantas, that “he said that Mrs. Porter was vetoed in various television programs as a result of the statements that poured Bethlehem during the coexistence of GH VIP”.