Black widow Scarlett Johansson: birth of a heroine


BUDAPEST. We have left her, blonde am the end of the last Avengers Endgame sacrifice, to save mankind. You can find in the streets of the downtown of Budapest with the red hair, and a braid of Pippi Longstocking. The air is always that svagata could ensnare that Woody Allen in Match point and the atmosphere of the sets and she relaxed, though the new film with Scarlett Johansson top-secret and will be officially confirmed at Comic-con in San Diego.

In Budapest, but the actors are already at work, because, according to the numerous successes Avengers the Marvel of the Disney company is turning a prequel focuses on the figure of Black Widowthe black widow, walk to the cinemas in may 2020. The actress from new york, has for the last film of the saga just 15 million dollars, they say, smiling, waving the red braid in the role of Natasha Romanoff, the spy of the Kgb, by the secret service imaginary Shield.

The troops in the city, is quoted in Avengersto fight when Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton, and she says, “it seems to Me, you will experience Budapest” and he replies, “You and I, we are different,” both in Captain Marvel from Nick Fury and Endgame, in the Barton sighed to Romanoff: “We are very far from Budapest”. In addition to the cast of Scarlett Johansson, the shooting is getting married for the third time, there are two other Actresses is important. Rachel Weisz, fresh from the success of the La favorita and the wife of Daniel Craig and the young Florence Pugh in the role of Yelena Belova, before she seeks to kill the black widow and then the allies. Without counting, David Harbour, the sheriff Stranger thingshere, in the role of the agent elder.

The story, written by Ned Benson, this is a prequel, in comparison to Avengers Endgameset in the year 2000. Under the direction of the Australian Cate Shortland, the fast-movie genre, but an expert in the field of war. The game principle is, what the delete of the fall of communism, the ex-Kgb agent is to escape his own government, which is trying to make it. The past returns to hunt in New York after 15 years. With a back-and-storm-the film, the origins of the black widow told by the curiosity of the fans of the Avengers. A project is by far, too times Winter Soldier Scarlett confided: “The black widow is a complex and tormented. A soldier in the ground hidden tenderness. I would like to dig in the past”.

Designed as a femme fatale, the Creator of the universe Marvel, Stan Lee, 1964, Natasha Romanoff, was originally the led the Soviet enemy of the capitalist Tony Stark, the Iron man, who succumbs to an evening dress and a black veil, soon to be replaced by the bodice, gloves and boots made of leather. After his defection to the United States and the beginning of the career of supereroina the character of another redesign with red hair instead of brown and a tracksuit supple bracelets ipertecnologici has now. The name, the links, the poisonous spider, the, because, if on the side of good, unlike many of his comrades, super-heroes, which uses methods that are very violent towards the opponent, without scruples torturarli or kill: “this Is a beating more than men – repeated, always Scarlett. I’m proud of you”.