Brie Larson: “Jennifer Lawrence is an important Council after winning the Oscars”


Brie Larson has described how Jennifer Lawrence helped her with his tips, after winning the Oscar.





Brie Larsonto have the have soon lived on the big screen with the cinecomic Captain Marvel , explains, a time, a little complicated, after winning the Oscar will get, the tips valuable, of his girlfriend Jennifer Lawrence.

The actress said in an interview with InStyle she called the girlfriend the morning after winning l’Oscar: “I thought, ‘I feel different. I don’t feel better, I think. I always think that they are not a good actress’. I replied, ‘Oh Yes, this is completely normal. To me it is the same thing happens. We do not think in this way. You think I would have completed your thesis. You have a certificate, that’s all. It changes nothing. You can still do stupid things. Each court, however, is the human“.

Brie has admitted that they feel needed in this moment, to say such words, to return to the ground under the feet, and continue to work in the projects, which are, for him, significant.
The cinecomic of the Marvelupon arrival on the big screen on 8. March has, then, an important stage in his career was for you: “The film was the opportunity the biggest and best I could ask for. It was as if my super potere. This could make my form of activism: the making of a movie can be distributed around the world and in the places I can’t reach physically“.