Call of Duty: black ops, Warzone should be expanded for up to 200 participants


Free Game Game, it seems to be as successful as expected. Within the first 24 hours according to the developer of the Studio Infinity Ward about 6 million people in the Battle-Royale-is an offshoot of the Call of Duty and fought for. For comparison: in The beginning of 2019 at the latest, published by the Apex of the age has found, in the same period, about 2.5 million people.

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The demand for the Game has been so great that this is likely to have contributed a little bit to a new Internet node DE-CIX. However, players will have to download it, depending on the Version, up to 101 and HIGHER.

In the meantime, the developers have been talking about their plans for the game. Most likely, in the not too distant future in order to compete in the Battle Royale, as it is currently available for up to 150 participants, which is more than the maximum of 100 Pubg. In spite of this, he should be able to fight it out in a Game up to 200 players.

Patrick Kelly, one of the two heads of Infinity Ward, said in an interview with USA Today. According to him, the test of the games that are running in the developer Studio already has a good number of participants. In addition, the size of the System should be expanded. Currently, you can connect up to three virtual warriors, but later on it will be up to five years of age. When these Changes are introduced, ” said Kelly.

Game play is in part covered in snow, and a slight to the Russian wasteland-esque map is called the Verdansk. The compound is in a range of areas, such as a scrap yard, a dam, and the forestry and industrial plants. To get from point a to point B, there are five vehicles, and aircraft, including a Truck and a helicopter.

One of the features in the Game is that the players, after the first Bildschirmtod unique in a special area, called the Gulag. In this run-down prison, and they fight with simple weapons like a pistol up against a single enemy, which was also shot down only. The winner of the duel goes on to the parachute, then again in the actual game.

In addition to the Battle Royale Game provides you with a second view, called for a withdrawal of the search (in the Booty). This is to Collect as much money as possible, you’ll find it in the Level, and gather other players are after the shot, word-of-mouth, and by Completing tasks you can earn. The game is available for PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4 to Download, and supports cross-play.

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