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The outfit that the rapper wore to the Met Gala, it even remembers the menstrual blood…

(KIKA) – NEW YORK – That the The Met Gala 2019. with the theme Campif he had been a the concentrate of excess and extravagance it was easily predictable: on the red carpet we have seen multi-layered dresses, chandeliers, Barbie, and among the clothes that were more facts to note, there was one worn by Cardi B and signed by Thom Browne.

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A triumph of full-bodied ruffles color dark burgundywith a long train from the very particular form, especially lying on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum. Also too particular, according to some, so remember the shape and color… the menstrual blood! An image that many women evokes sensations, often unpleasant, and sometimes painful, but for a character as controversial Cardi B may instead be considered to be the emblem of feminine strength.

ALSO The DRESS… let’s call IT STRANGE!

Whatever the interpretation, and the reaction, according to all Cardi B is following in the footsteps of Emily Blunt at the SAG Awards, wearing a new and more challenging the vagina dress, renamed period dress. A name – and an association of ideas – that is debated by many, yet to name the clothes in an interesting way is certainly not new: remember theomelets dress of Rihanna at the Met Gala 2015, or the Meat Dressoutfit made of meat worn by Lady Gaga at the Video Music Awards in 2010?

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