Cardi B is afraid of the Coronavirus: “I Want to escape to the South Pole”

In the United States Coronavirus it is different from the one you live in Italy: the news speak of the first outbreaks and of the first victims, who in most cases are people who have not been able to enable the buffer.

It seems, according to The Blast, that these news are totally terrorizing Cardi B. The rapper has posted a series of Stories on his profile on Instagram, where he says that he believes that the situation is worse than how to describe it: “I don’t think about what they say in the newspapers and on tv, for me, the situation here is much more serious, and if it is still the may soon become.

Cardi B is concerned, especially for Kulture, his daughter, who has only a year and a half. The quarantine for the rapper would be out of the question, especially because, as she said: “Here it goes on to say, in spite of what you see is happening in Europe, that the coronavirus is only an influence, a bit more serious.

Then, the rapper is said to have decided to move to Antarctica, at the South Pole. Of course, many followers have written that on the continent there are only 1000 inhabitants, most scientists in the basics of research, and that the average temperature is -25. But the Cardi B is not interested: “I don’t want to be anyone, they are all potential transparency.

The rapper has explained that the interested in just having the Internet connection and the ability to go back to the USA by plane:I can’t wait to see the penguins at Kulture!“he told us, explaining that after his transfer, probabbilmente, you will be staying in one of the luxury hotels that are located in Antarctica.

Obviously the words of Cardi B have divided the followers: those who think that is taking the right decision and the one who is accusing of wanting to flaunt his wealth.

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