Cardi B is harassing her on a shoot: “You dropped your underwear…”


Cardi B he left everyone speechless by revealing, in the course of an interview on the american program “Untold Stories of Hip Hop“to have suffered sexual harassment. The episode is told from the american rapper dates back to the beginnings of his career during a photo shoot for a magazine. “The photographer I came close – revealed Cardi B – saying ‘you want this in a week?’. Then he lowered his underwear. I was really furious so I told him: ‘you’re disgusting’, before collecting my things and leave the set“.

The singer has not revealed the name of the photographer, but wanted to specify that the weekly was informed of what happened on the set, but not taken action on. The fight, kept hidden for years from the american rapper, has struck deeply Cardi B which says: “I will never forget him. There are girls of the district who have suffered the same type of treatment. (Those men) make you feel as if you were to do some type of things for crap. It really happens every day“.

The confession of Cardi B has sparked renewed outcry around the issue of “sexual harassment” in the United States. In 2017 the case Harvey Weinsteinthe film producer accused of harassment by numerous famous actresses, shocks international public opinion, giving rise, in fact, to the movement of the complaintMe Too“. Many celebrities who, in the months following the event Weinstein, denounced to have been abused sexually, not only from the manufacturer, but also from the other characters of the film world and not. Between them Asia Argento, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lawrence.