Cardi B is in the movie to the daughter of Vin Diesel


Fast and Furious 9,

Apparently the casting of Thistles B in the Fast and the Furious 9 depends on the willingness of the young daughter of Vin Diesel

As you know, news today, Fast and Furious 9 will arrive in cinemas all over the world with a one-year delay because of the Coronavirus. Had to leave for a little while, and instead we will see him starting from the April 2, 2021. That is, in fact, the release date scheduled for the action, due to the Coronavirus.

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Despite the fact that, as you know, Vin Diesel she tried until the end to avoid delaying the release of the film. By yesterday, however, was declared a pandemic, then of course, everyone’s health is more important than the cinematic release, as expected. Vin Diesel made the announcement on social media.

We feel all the love and expectations that you have for the next chapter of our saga. It is for this that is particularly hard to let you know that we have to postpone the launch of the film. It became clear that it would not be possible for all of our fans around the world to see the film, this may. Although we know that there is disappointment in having to wait longer, this choice is made considering the safety of all, our priority.

Fast and the Furious 9: Vin Diesel announces the release postponed to 2021

With regard to the casting of Cardi B, Vin Diesel he said that it is in Fast and Furious 9 why:

We have John Cena, which is amazing. A blessing, a great professional with which to work. Of course, we have Helen Mirren, and now we are used to this incredible thing. And of course there is Charlize. And my daughter wanted to (laughs), my daughter wanted to do a casting and said he wanted to Cardi B. Therefore, is also inside her.

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