Carlos Rivera WARNING on Coronavirus in Mexico with powerful message


Carlos Rivera caused a great scandal among his followers after one of their publications more controversy on Instagram, where she shared a powerful message about the Coronavirus in Mexico, which has left us completely breathless.

In this controversial video, Carlos Rivera he commented to his fans that he had to advance his trip from Madrid to Mexico, before the airports cancel their flights because of the health alert that exists in the world because of the Covid-19.

However this was not what caused the greatest scandal among the internet users, but the mexican singer revealed that his return to Mexico did not go through any kind of filter health to verify your health status, confirming that in our country still don’t apply measures of combat to the spread of the Covid-19.

Carlos Rivera WARNING on Coronavirus in Mexico

And as expected, this controversial video of Carlos Rivera in his account of Instagram, caused a great uproar among its more than 5 million followers, and several users expressed their concern at the spread of this pandemic in Mexico.

And even more so when the european continent is one of the most affected by the Coronavirus, which has caused several countries to cancel their flights to this place. But apparently Mexico still does not apply all the security measures in the face of this pandemic.

Mexico without sanitary measures before the Covid-19

It should be mentioned that just this week the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the Coronavirus as a global epidemic, which has definitely caused a great impact around the world, including our Country.

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So this last publication of Carlos Rivera in respect to the sanitary measures in Mexico, has not only concerned his followers, but several of his fellow showbiz as Mauricio Barcelata, Sebastian Rulli and Andrea Legarreta who commented that it was “amazing” that our country still do not take the necessary measures.